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When we refer to spices we think of flavours and aromas. Spices can be in the form of pods (cardamom), bark (cinnamon), roots (ginger), berries (pepper), aromatic seeds (cumin), the seeds of a flower (saffron) or dried herbs (thyme, mint, oregano, etc.). Spice mixes are usually specific to a region or country and can be Indian spices, Chinese spices, Mediterranean spices or Romanian spices. Another important association of spices is related to the type of food used such as: lamb spices, fish spices, chicken spices, homemade sausage spices, etc. An important characteristic of spices is that most are used in dry form. In fact, most spices enhance their flavours only after drying. Habanero brings you everything you need to know about spices: history, use, combinations, storage, therapeutic benefits and recipes.

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Curry powder

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Ginger, benefits


Ginger is growing in popularity and is increasingly used in cooking. Since ancient times it has been used both for its taste and for the benefits it offers...
Curry powder is a mixture of spices

Curry powder

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Oregano Condiment


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